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Salem City: History, Art, and Beauty On and Off The Pitch

During the development of our club, Salem City FC, we have placed emphasis on History, Art and Beauty. We celebrate our club’s lineage as well as the history of the city of Winston-Salem. Anyone who enjoys the great sport of soccer understands that the sports nickname, “the beautiful game”, is well deserved. We emphasize not only the art and beauty of the game but strive to bring art and beauty into how we portray ourselves. We have made intentional efforts to put in the extra time when it comes to our visuals. We believe that Winston-Salem’s moto, “the city of arts and innovation”, can apply to more than just the city of Winston, it applies to Salem City as well.

Our team is comprised of players from around the world, each with unique play-styles, cultures and personalities. Each season these players come together to become The Salem City Team. It is truly impressive that these vastly different players can come together to become a well-oiled machine while each still portrays their individualism. It was imperative that our brand represented that concept. Perhaps the strongest representation of this is our mascot “The Beast”. The Beast is our take on a chimera, a Greek mythological creature comprised of a lion, goat/ram and snake. We saw the opportunity to highlight our club’s nature through this creature. Being a hybrid creature, the mixture of creatures represents the mixture of cultures represented in our team. We took this connection one step further by incorporating the defining factors of each individual creature, that are also represented in our gameplay (courage of the lion, the power of the ram, and the cunning of the snake).

With our club’s emphasis on history, this season we have decided to take a trip back in time to Winston-Salem’s roaring 20s. This era in our city’s history is marked by many of the developments that have shaped the Winston-Salem we now know and love. One of our primary influences for this season is the beautiful architecture of the time, such as The Reynolds Building. This “test run for the empire state building” is one of the most iconic buildings on our city’s skyline. We have modernized the beautiful art-deco stylings to create our signature visuals this season. These visuals can be seen on the box for our recently released Season Passes and have been featured heavily on our away jersey (reveal coming soon).

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    Salem City FC is more than just a soccer club, it is a family that honors the past, embraces the present and shapes the future.

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