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The Salem City Recruitment Process

In the world of Salem City soccer recruitment, the pursuit of championship glory is often intricately intertwined with the values and skill sets of  the players. Successful domestic recruitment strategies prioritize identifying young talents who not only possess exceptional soccer skills but also hold values that work in the environment we are trying to create. This approach recognizes that a player’s ability to adapt plays a pivotal role in their development. When developing a championship squad, we seek individuals with a strong work ethic, resilience, and a sense of unity, which are values cultivated within Salem City FC. By recruiting players with these qualities, we can foster a culture of commitment, camaraderie, and determination that is crucial for championship success.

On the international stage, soccer recruitment for a championship team takes on a global perspective. We aim to create a diverse squad, often sourcing talent from different parts of the world. The blending of diverse backgrounds, family traditions, and values within our team will lead to a rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives. This diversity often translates into a unique synergy on the field, where players learn from one another, adapt to different playing styles, and forge strong bonds. It is this dynamic fusion of talent and values that can propel the 2024 Salem City team to the highest levels of success, uniting players from various backgrounds under a shared pursuit of soccer excellence and championship glory.

“When it comes to recruitment of players, we are always looking for the best players but also the best people. In order to be successful, you need good lads who are humble, want to learn and improve and ultimately play for the collective. It is important to get know the player on a personal level to find out if they are the right fit for us and we align with what is we are trying to do which is to win the national championship and provide a platform for players that want to play at the next level.

 As a club, we are very big on culture and have created a professional environment here where players feel comfortable, can express themselves as players and people, but most importantly feel part of something bigger than themselves and something that is much more than football.

 We are always recruiting players domestically and internationally and have many good contacts within the game. We are constantly watching games of all levels from college, professional, semi-professional, and amateur to identify players that match the player profiles that we use when it comes to recruiting. When we are watching players, we look for certain attributes for each specific position that align with how we want to play and set up the team.”

-Liam Davies. Assistant Coach

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